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Happy Birthday, Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin–singer, actress, and fashion icon–turned 68 yesterday. The British beauty unexpectedly became an iconic figure in the 60's and 70's, and continues to inspire generations of fashion aficionados. Her style is minimalist, effortless, and timelessly cool. She chicly propels an uncanny sense of put-together confidence.  A complete Birkin ensemble includes a perfect fusion of bohemian and classic Parisian pieces, a pair of (probably red) ballet flats, a fresh, sans makeup face, and, of course, her namesake Hermés Birkin bag

 Jane Birkin's true iconicity lies in her ability to look tailored and put together in relaxed garments. Her denim is always flared, blouses loose, jackets oversized and jewelry kept at a bare minimum. I think her authenticity of clothing stands as one of the reasons behind public fascination. Many street style darlings  of today try to gain respect and attention in the industry by dressing as trendy or outrageous as possible. Jane Birkin shows us that great fashion isn't trendy or fleeting. By staying true to her classic, personal aesthetic, Jane Birkin created a signature style that is as wearable now as it was in 1970. 

She revolutionized 70s fashion, wore crop tops before crop tops were crop tops, and started the cut-out trend decades before those peekaboos of skin made it on runways. Oh, and she has an Hérmes bag named after her.  Can you say legendary?

Here are some of her magical looks throughout the years: 

with daughter Lou Doillon in 2011

Advanced Style

Every fashion enthusiast knows that cliché Yves Saint Laurent quote, "Fashions fade, style is eternal." As I watched the colorful, lively trailer for the Advanced Style documentary on a gloomy Saturday morning, Laurent's wisdom rang in the back of my mind. The film features a plethora of fashion inspiration via New York City's chicest senior citizens. These women, many of whom are in their late 80's and 90's, are not defined by any single decade of trends or styles. In fact, all of their personal styles are a sum of multiple decades of elegance, infused with whimsical details and lots of personality. I found the women in the video to be incredibly refreshing amidst the all-too-similar faux fur, flannel, and boyfriend jean clad fashion bloggers of this season. 
These elderly icons are not slaves to trends but dress for themselves; their outfits driven by an overwhelming sense of self and happiness. I think we can learn more than fashion wisdom from women like Iris Apfel and Ilona Royce Smithkin, two stars of the film. While their styles inspire many, it's their self-confidence and loving devotion to elegance that enlighten us all to the true creative spirit of fashion. 
Watch the beautiful trailer here

Mermaids Exist at Rodarte SS15

In preparation for New York Fashion Week, designers find inspiration from a wide array of sources. In recent years, popular collections have incorporated the revival of trends from decades past. The 70's seem to be a constant wealth of influence, as well as 80's neon and 90's grunge. I was beginning to worry that the fashions of my youth–the early 2000s–were next on the agenda. Nothing was worse than cropped polo tees, Juicy velour tracksuits, or Von Dutch trucker hats. Nothing. 
Luckily, the Mulleavy sisters saved us from yet another fashion resurrection. 

During the preparatory phases of their SS15 line, sisters (and Berkeley graduates) Kate and Laura Mulleavy of the renowned fashion house Rodarte, set their sights on a timeless, natural piece of inspiration: tide pools. As young girls growing up in Northern California, the Mulleavy sisters frequented the mesmerizing underwater tide pools of Monterey. Kate told Vogue.com, "We wanted to re-create the texture of those underwater tide pools... to explore this idea of underwater worlds, with all the movement and fluidity." By channeling a personal memory from their youth, Kate and Laura Mulleavy were able to achieve wizardry at NYFW. 

Tuesday's runway show was magical from the start. Spectators arrived to find the set a seaside reverie; the floor bejeweled with broken beach glass and Swarovski crystals. Once the show began, the venue finished it's transformation into an underwater realm. The models stunned in delicate dresses made of netting and tattered chiffon, like sirens on the shore. You could practically feel the ocean breeze as the ever-flowing ruffles on dresses, skirts, and scarfs danced down the catwalk. Opalescent sequins and scales added to the shipwreck vibe. 

The most remarkable facet of Rodarte's collection existed in it's ability to offset fluidity with rigid structure. Instead of allowing cascading fabrics overrun the runway, the Mulleavy sisters skillfully balanced things out with elements of sheer strength: thigh-high gladiator boots, skin-tight jeans, anorak jackets, and, of course, those incredible rows of sliver eyebrow piercings. 

Feast your eyes on the entire collection here

Amazing. All I can say is... Go Bears. 

Mastering the Boyfriend Jean

Boyfriend jeans continue to take the fashion world by storm, promising a comfy yet bad-ass look of sheer feared respect. But, the real question is, how do you wear them? 

Based on their basic silhouette and color, jeans are typically easy to style as an integral component to any outfit. For the past decade or so, skinny, cigarette, and straight-leg jeans have pretty much dominated the denim market, making the outfit balancing act rather simple: flowy tops matched with heels for nights out, and structured, Oxford button-downs paired with ballet flats for the office. 
Boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, are everything their skin-tight family members aren't; low-rise, baggy, and carpeted with tears and shaggy holes galore.  Furthermore, their strange, masculine proportions present a curve ball for every woman. 

After hours of pouring over my favorite street style blogs, I have attempted to understand the art of 
rocking boyfriend jeans. My tips are as follows:

  • For everyday wear, crop tops function as an ideal match. Equal to the boyfriend jean in nonchalance, cropped tees easily create feminine silhouettes while showing just a peek of skin. 
  • For a comfy outfit fit for colder weather, a pair of boyfriend jeans make a perfect base for a bundled look. Pick jackets or outerwear with a solid structure to offset the slouch of the jeans, and feel free to layer as necessary. 
  • Spice up your Casual Friday look with something a bit more edgy. A blazer, tee, and flats keep the look sharp while fabulously taking the back seat behind your statement-makin' jeans. 

In other news, September is here! Aka Fashion Week Recaps on the horizon. 

Daria X Céline Round V

Do you frequently read fashion magazines, spend time on blogs, or shop in fancy schmancy department stores? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, or just pretended to for the sake of the exercise, then the chances of you seeing Daria Werbowy’s magnificence are extremely high.

At 30 years old, this Polish-born model is basically a living legend. Her fiercely alluring charm has made her one of the most successful models of all time, and the record holder for most show openings and closings in a single season. The Annie Leibovitz spread from last year’s September Issue alone inspired me to chop off my hair and attempt to rock a similar gold nose ring as effortlessly as Werbowy (Side note: Not quite there yet). And don’t even get me started on Daria’s cheekbones. Let’s just say they are equivalent to Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows and Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark in ability to slay.
Daria has recently teamed up with French fashion house Céline and the incredible Pheobe Philo for a fifth campaign. Even though it’s (sadly) missing the outrageously non-normcore Céline Furkenstocks of 2013, the Fall 2014 campaign does not disappoint. With Daria’s supreme bone structure and Philo’s expertise in trench coats, how could it?

Check it out:

Style Icon: Emma Watson

Emma Watson is currently going through a style phase that may be as influential as Pablo Picasso's Blue Period and Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" stage–combined.

Over the past six months, the recent Brown graduate has been absolutely killing it in enchanting, dark ensembles that scream sophistication.
Watson has been the darling of fashion weeks world-wide for quite some time now, which has translated into a personal style that I want to accio into my own closet.
Recently, basic silhouettes with subtle and unique details, topped off with some trusty matte red lipstick seem to be her go-to. She wears black magically; whether it be lace appliqués, sumptuous satin, or embossed velvet.  Mismatched earrings and natural makeup are quickly becoming her signature style components.

Thirteen years of life in the spotlight usually calls for sufficient time off. Yet, Watson's exquisite fashion choices forces all of us to look beyond her adorable days as Hermione Granger. She is no longer a child star, but a star in a new, grown-up capacity: high fashion.