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NYFW Recap: Rodarte

Some fashion shows are no more than charming diversions; a fleeting event, enjoyable but as memorable as Paris Hilton's singing career. Others leave powerful imprints, forever haunting our lingering minds. Ten days ago, the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte exhibited their Fall/Winter 2016 collection at NYFW, and I can't stop thinking about it. 

Rodarte is no stranger to the fashion week conversation. In fact, over the past few seasons, their shows have led the colorful discussion (If you need a refresher see eyebrow-pierced-mermaid here). Last week's show set the bar higher than before. Uneven hems, voluminous ruffles, shaggy fur and floral appliqu├ęs served as reminders of the Mulleavy sisters' sheer prowess in the art of fashion.  Rodarte has an established style––a dark whimsicality curated through layered, mixed-media. Their hands are palpable within the essence of each piece. Everything they design is without equal.What amazes me is their ability to consistently shock the audience without changing this signature style. Their secret is in the subtlety. 
Each ensemble is slightly different than the one before: a sequined blouse changes from black to white, a leather belt becomes a choker. At first, the viewer watches comfortably. The opening pieces, while stunning, follow a familiar narrative. Then, the collection's metamorphosis gets into full-swing: gorilla-esque coats undergo color transformation, lace becomes fishnet, tule skirts evolve from pants to skirts to a gown, and orchids sprout from the models' hair.

At the shows end, I needed to immediately watch it again, to try and comprehend the artistry that unveiled before my computer screen.
And I couldn't. Because, that's the Rodarte magic. 

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