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NYFW Recap: Erin Fetherston SS RTW 2016

To the general public, runway shows are often characterized as over-the-top, "who would actually wear that" explosions of trend-vomit donning the hairstyles of Whoville. 
Those types of people haven't watched an Erin Fetherston show.

The runway at Fetherston's SS RTW 2016 gently guided the audience through a romantic dream. An array of blues, vermillion, olive, and cream presented in fluid fabrics felt familiar; reminiscent of that perfect summer day. Her pieces were predictable in the best way possible, with each look effortlessly flowing into the next. The show featured a variation of silhouettes—high collars, plunging necklines, maxi dresses, mini frocks—as well as equally oppositional fabrics—knits, denim and organza. Each model sported undone hair, fresh faces, and minimal sandals, reflecting Fetherston's simplicity.

Erin Fetherston's aesthetic reminds us of the timeless wearability of intelligent fashion. Smartly tailored silhouettes can speak volumes louder than trendy chaos.

Oh, did I mention that she graduated from UC Berkeley in 2002? Go Bears.

Watch the show in its entirety here