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Mermaids Exist at Rodarte SS15

In preparation for New York Fashion Week, designers find inspiration from a wide array of sources. In recent years, popular collections have incorporated the revival of trends from decades past. The 70's seem to be a constant wealth of influence, as well as 80's neon and 90's grunge. I was beginning to worry that the fashions of my youth–the early 2000s–were next on the agenda. Nothing was worse than cropped polo tees, Juicy velour tracksuits, or Von Dutch trucker hats. Nothing. 
Luckily, the Mulleavy sisters saved us from yet another fashion resurrection. 

During the preparatory phases of their SS15 line, sisters (and Berkeley graduates) Kate and Laura Mulleavy of the renowned fashion house Rodarte, set their sights on a timeless, natural piece of inspiration: tide pools. As young girls growing up in Northern California, the Mulleavy sisters frequented the mesmerizing underwater tide pools of Monterey. Kate told Vogue.com, "We wanted to re-create the texture of those underwater tide pools... to explore this idea of underwater worlds, with all the movement and fluidity." By channeling a personal memory from their youth, Kate and Laura Mulleavy were able to achieve wizardry at NYFW. 

Tuesday's runway show was magical from the start. Spectators arrived to find the set a seaside reverie; the floor bejeweled with broken beach glass and Swarovski crystals. Once the show began, the venue finished it's transformation into an underwater realm. The models stunned in delicate dresses made of netting and tattered chiffon, like sirens on the shore. You could practically feel the ocean breeze as the ever-flowing ruffles on dresses, skirts, and scarfs danced down the catwalk. Opalescent sequins and scales added to the shipwreck vibe. 

The most remarkable facet of Rodarte's collection existed in it's ability to offset fluidity with rigid structure. Instead of allowing cascading fabrics overrun the runway, the Mulleavy sisters skillfully balanced things out with elements of sheer strength: thigh-high gladiator boots, skin-tight jeans, anorak jackets, and, of course, those incredible rows of sliver eyebrow piercings. 

Feast your eyes on the entire collection here

Amazing. All I can say is... Go Bears. 

Mastering the Boyfriend Jean

Boyfriend jeans continue to take the fashion world by storm, promising a comfy yet bad-ass look of sheer feared respect. But, the real question is, how do you wear them? 

Based on their basic silhouette and color, jeans are typically easy to style as an integral component to any outfit. For the past decade or so, skinny, cigarette, and straight-leg jeans have pretty much dominated the denim market, making the outfit balancing act rather simple: flowy tops matched with heels for nights out, and structured, Oxford button-downs paired with ballet flats for the office. 
Boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, are everything their skin-tight family members aren't; low-rise, baggy, and carpeted with tears and shaggy holes galore.  Furthermore, their strange, masculine proportions present a curve ball for every woman. 

After hours of pouring over my favorite street style blogs, I have attempted to understand the art of 
rocking boyfriend jeans. My tips are as follows:

  • For everyday wear, crop tops function as an ideal match. Equal to the boyfriend jean in nonchalance, cropped tees easily create feminine silhouettes while showing just a peek of skin. 
  • For a comfy outfit fit for colder weather, a pair of boyfriend jeans make a perfect base for a bundled look. Pick jackets or outerwear with a solid structure to offset the slouch of the jeans, and feel free to layer as necessary. 
  • Spice up your Casual Friday look with something a bit more edgy. A blazer, tee, and flats keep the look sharp while fabulously taking the back seat behind your statement-makin' jeans. 

In other news, September is here! Aka Fashion Week Recaps on the horizon.