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NYFW Review: 50 Shades of Grey at Wes Gordon

It's a sunny, crystal clear, 75° Friday in the Bay Area , and, naturally, I am spending my afternoon basking in the live-streaming glory of New York Fashion Week. The hectic, colorful atmosphere and brisk temperatures of NYFW seem much more intriguing than yet another perfect California day–especially with the ability to be in virtual proximity to such amazing talent. 

If you read my blog, you know that the 90s are kind of my jam. Thus, it should come at no surprise that my favorite show of the day originates from the brilliant mind of Mr. Wes Gordon. At the mere age of 28, Gordon has already established a trademark in his craft: timeless sophistication. If we were talking music, Gordon's designs would be a Paul McCartney in a room full of Iggy Azaleas and Aviciis. The guy just doesn't disappoint. 

Wes Gordon's Fall 2015 show lived up to the high standards of his young career, with looks evocative of the Calvin Klein minimalism that made Kate Moss famous. In an interview with the Washington Post, Gordon hailed the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy as a major source of inspiration. The consistency of clean lines, exquisite tailoring, and even sensibly pulled-back hair played tribute to the fashion icon. 

boss moss and cbk
The most captivating aspect of Gordon's Fall 2015 RTW was the way he stayed true to the classic 90s aesthetic. He didn't add dramatic alterations or overwhelming silhouettes. In fact, within a black and gray palette of color, Gordon smartly balanced knits, furs, print, and translucent fabrics––quintessential 90s textiles–– with ease. Chunky turtlenecks, shirt dresses, spaghetti straps, pea coats, trench coats, even silk palazzo pants were all accounted for on that runway. Gordon didn't reinvent the wheel because he didn't need to. Good clothes are good clothes; it's that simple.  

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