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New On The Scene: The Crop Kick

The day is finally here. After a long-standing career on the top of the charts, the skinny jean has been demoted by a cooler breed of denim: the crop kick. And, we can rejoice.

Of course, skinny jeans are a classic staple for any occasion. Our celebration is not for the death of the skinny jean, per say. Instead, we shout from the rooftops in pure elation for the arrival of an option of equivalence. Those exhausting, early morning, skinny jean shimmies and aggressive, end-of-day, denim evacuations don't have to be as frequent.

The crop kick is essentially a shortened straight leg jean. I, for one, have never really been a fan of straight leg denim; its styling confuses me. Do you tuck them into boots? Can they be cuffed? Are flats or sneakers even an option? By the time I can even process these questions, I am about ten minutes late for class, struggling to pull on a standard pair of skinny jeans as my solution. The crop kick answers all of these age old questions because it goes with everything. Unleash your ankles from the confines of the skinny, and pair a crop kick with sneakers. A fringed hem or baby cuff adds an unexpected personality.  Or, for a night out, let them compliment your best pair of mid-calf booties. 

Is the crop kick here to stay? Time will tell. As of right now, embrace the freedom of a denim suitable for endless cartwheels and high kicks, and toss your skinnies in the back of the closet for a later date. 

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