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Happy Birthday, Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin–singer, actress, and fashion icon–turned 68 yesterday. The British beauty unexpectedly became an iconic figure in the 60's and 70's, and continues to inspire generations of fashion aficionados. Her style is minimalist, effortless, and timelessly cool. She chicly propels an uncanny sense of put-together confidence.  A complete Birkin ensemble includes a perfect fusion of bohemian and classic Parisian pieces, a pair of (probably red) ballet flats, a fresh, sans makeup face, and, of course, her namesake Hermés Birkin bag

 Jane Birkin's true iconicity lies in her ability to look tailored and put together in relaxed garments. Her denim is always flared, blouses loose, jackets oversized and jewelry kept at a bare minimum. I think her authenticity of clothing stands as one of the reasons behind public fascination. Many street style darlings  of today try to gain respect and attention in the industry by dressing as trendy or outrageous as possible. Jane Birkin shows us that great fashion isn't trendy or fleeting. By staying true to her classic, personal aesthetic, Jane Birkin created a signature style that is as wearable now as it was in 1970. 

She revolutionized 70s fashion, wore crop tops before crop tops were crop tops, and started the cut-out trend decades before those peekaboos of skin made it on runways. Oh, and she has an Hérmes bag named after her.  Can you say legendary?

Here are some of her magical looks throughout the years: 

with daughter Lou Doillon in 2011