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Mom Jeans: An Ode to the Fashion of our Moms

90s fashion is great. Mom fashion is great. 90s mom fashion is the stuff I live for. 
First, a little back story...
As I was perusing through old pictures, looking for something suitable for Instagram, I came across some snapshots of my mom, rocking Adidas tracksuits, running shoes and thick Oakley's. Growing up, I remember being so enamored with my mom. I sincerely believed she always looked amazing, that I needed to dress the same way. I would sneak into her closet when my parents were out, and try on all of her clothes––the turtle necks, chunky earrings, color blocked ski jackets, hush puppies––hoping that her greatness would somehow rub off on me. 
My mom was undoubtedly my first fashion icon, sadly replaced by Avril Lavigne circa Sk8er Boi, once I became "too cool" for her. 

A variety of today's most popular trends can be directly linked back to 90s mom fashion:
High waisted jeans
First seen on your mom (or in this epic SNL Clip) 
Worn by your mom on a trip to Disneyland (probably with a fanny pack)
Now the single most popular item on every street style blog 
Running shoes and jeans 
A classic staple for a mom-on-the-go
Now worn by every hipster who hopped on the normcore bus a little late
An item from your mom's "college days" praised for their comfort, often worn with socks
Now on my feet, with socks, of course 

90s mom fashion, a dominating force in the present day fashion scene, reminds us of three things: our moms are always right, certain clothes will "get fashionable again", and deep down, all of us got it from our mamas.  

So, if you are ever upset with your mom, just remember, she showed you the beauty of the Gap and bargain shopping. You wouldn't be the fashionable person you are today, without her. 

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