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History in the Making?
The first time I saw Angelina Jolie’s iconic emerald green Atelier Versace dress on the Golden Globes red carpet in 2011, I became immediately infatuated with the glitz and glam of award show season. As strange as the red carpet is– the beauties of Hollywood, adorned exquisitely in designer jewels and gowns, broadcasted to the judgmental eyes of the entire world–it never fails to showcase the hottest names and styles in fashion. However, are ball gowns and cocktail dresses really the pinnacle of fashion? Is a Chanel tweed suit, for example, worthy of the same amount of praise? Emma Watson, a  mere presenter at the Golden Globes this year, challenged the aforementioned notion by wearing visible, black trousers underneath her blood-red gown, all courtesy of Dior Couture.  Obviously such an unconventional outfit would have been somewhat expected at the Grammy’s or MTV Video Music Awards, yet its juxtaposition at an event as prestigious as the Globes opens the door to exciting alternatives outside the expected dress.
Watson’s outfit worked on so many levels, but what really struck me was how it achieved complexity through highly simplistic means. The only factor somewhat complex about the gown-trouser ensemble was its construction and very nature; it demanded the audience’s full attention. The perceived intricate construction, however, served as a direct contrast to her minimalistic makeup, simple, pulled-back hair, and single pearl earring in the left ear. Furthermore, the color-blocking technique created a complete separation among all the outfit’s components, thus negating any viewer confusion or uncertainty. If Watson had worn matching red trousers, for example, the drama would have been replaced by distasteful perplexity.  

 Watson, at the age of twenty-three, created her own pivotal moment to kick off this year’s award show season. Only time will determine the sheer strength of her potential influence in red carpets to come. 

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