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Can't Be Tamed

Miley Cyrus undeniably took 2013 by storm. Her edgy hair cut, outrageous music videos, and public use of marijuana all aided in her complete obliteration of any previous Disney identity. So, when the twenty-one year old announced her long anticipated Bangerz Tour for 2014, everyone wanted to know what over-the-top stage costumes she would be twerking in. 

Renowned Italian designer Roberto Cavalli recently unveiled sketches for a larger-than-life Miley that look straight out of her bad-ass street style wardrobe. As a huge Miley fan since the beginning, I regret to express my disappointment with the collection as a whole. High-waisted hot pants, bejeweled body suits, and body baring bustiers, while in vogue, are all too predictable. Furthermore, with the hype around Miley at the moment, I was expecting for a show-stopping ensemble– not outfits she could easily wear in her everyday life. I would even go on to describe some pieces, like the nude body suit with Swarovski crystals covering just the right places, to be incredibly unoriginal (ie: Britney Spears' popular 2004 "Toxic" video). 

Despite my personal distaste, it is safe to say that Miley's tour will consist of over-the-top sets, legit dance numbers, a plethora of twerking teddy bears, and whatever else she dreams up for her dedicated "Smilers". I just wish that a ticket to her show was in my starving student budget. 

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