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Grammy's Recap: All Hail Queen B

My sister once said that she was interested in clothes that she could "fully embody as an art piece" rather than clothes that were "overwhelming"in terms of artistry. The wearer, of course, is the most important aspect of any look; the articles of clothing should just serve as a form of inner expression. I feel like many celebs wear designs that are all too distracting for Red Carpet events.  For example, twenty-year old Disney star Ariana Grande, decided on a floral Dolce & Gabbana frock for Sunday night's Grammy Awards. Not only was this dress overpowering in terms of size, length, and volume reminiscent of cotillion, but also, in my opinion, way too old–she was wearing pantyhose for Christ's sake. One attendee who not only owned her look but fully embodied it was–surprise, surprise– Beyoncé. The gown, designed by Project Runway alum Michael Costello, was on par with the beauty who rocked it. 

 The extent of Beyoncé's perfection never fails to baffle me. In her mere sixteen years in the industry, she has maintained a triple threat status, won a record-breaking seventeen Grammy awards, and, on top of it all, managed to have a seemingly normal family with husband Jay-Z. The idea of dressing such an icon as Beyoncé would be exciting for any established designer, let alone someone who was introduced to the world four years ago on  a reality show competition. Costello really proved himself with this incredible frock. The white lace appliqué's over a nude mesh created an illusion of a Winter Wonderland, with Beyoncé as the beautiful, and very sexy, snow queen. As I mentioned before, the most important aspect of this look is Beyoncé's ownership of it.  The dress looks (and was) made for her, and no one else could ever wear it the same. Furthermore, her styling is flawless. If she had, for example, added a necklace, or worn her hair up, the look would have been overdone. 

Performance wise, Beyoncé absolutely stole the show with her opening act of "Drunk In Love" with Jay-Z. No one after had the same impact. However, I wasn't to keen about the soaking wet hair. Turns out I wasn't the only one. Thank goodness we have the great people of the Internet to create memes that keep everyone–even Beyoncé–human. 

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