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Ahhh, Friends

The start of a new year popularizes gym memberships, gives people new hope, and allows us all to forget the missteps of the previous 12 months. This year, however, my priorities were a little skewed. As I embarked into 2015, I posed a life-altering question to myself: "Why make friends, when you can watch Friends?". 

For all of you (probably) very successful people–who refuse to pose victim to the procrastination powers of Netflix–here's the 411. As of January 1, 2015, the entirety of Friends can be found on Netflix in its original 90's glory. Thus, the question I posed to myself has quickly transformed into a motto, proving to be the most successful New Year's Resolution of my  life. 
As I spend hours fulfilling the challenge I set out for myself, I simultaneously receive a historical lesson in fashion. 

The fashion in Friends really drives the show, with the first season alone featuring iconic looks. What would Joey be without his turtlenecks? Chandler minus a sweater vest or an oversized tie would be a sin, and Rachel in anything but a crop top would feel treasonous. Each character had a distinctive identity enhanced by their respective outfits; wardrobes that evolved with every individual during the progression of seasons. And, in a strange twist of events, the fashion on Friends as a whole feels weirdly current. 

Here are the lessons I have learned from binge-watching Friends so far
3.. Rachel Green can literally rock anything. I mean anything
4. And, everyone should wear rings like Phoebe Buffay

Furthermore, watching Friends outside its original context makes me nostalgic of a time period in which I barely existed. The 90's in NYC seemed pretty rad: a time where rent for a few gigantic apartments could be paid through minimum-wage jobs, and a group of well-dressed best friends could spend their days gossiping at a coffee shop. Ahhhhhh, the 90s. 

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