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Teva's: A Comeback Story

In these past few months, amidst the tumultuous transition from high school to college, I find myself frequently reminiscing. This newfound nostalgia has greatly inspired my wardrobe, evident in my recent purchase of clear, sparkly jelly sandals. My love for them at five has been renewed at age eighteen. 

While making my daily rounds on other blogs, I shocked myself by adding yet another item from my childhood to my shopping list: Teva's. Those sporty, velcro-wrapped sandals were ideal for every, and I mean every, outdoor activity. Waterproof, lightweight, and protective, Teva's embodied "kid tested, mother approved". At some point in my middle school quest to be cool, Teva sandals didn't quite make the cut, and were, sadly, thrown in a bag destined for Goodwill. After watching the brand's S14 VideoLookBook, I regret my actions as a prepubescent. 

I am now on the hunt for a new pair, which I plan on rocking throughout my Summer adventures. This future purchase will give me an excuse for multiple pedicures, because socks and sandals will never be acceptable. 

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