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Julien Macdonald Fall 2014 RTW is Absolutely Stunning

These pictures from Welsh designer Julien Macdonald's Fall 2014 Ready To Wear collection left me utterly speechless. I think my dreams of being a champion figure skater and flapper girl became a reality on the runway. 

The beading and embellishments are spectacular yet not overwhelming when paired with light fabric. As a result, both model and garment work as a collective unit. While very skin-barring, Macdonald's pieces transcend risqué notions based on their very nature; the heavy embellishments and striking designs verge on art pieces rather than garments. 

For a man who originally gained notoriety for his knit-wear in the early 2000s, his talent is multifaceted and unwavering. It is no wonder he is known as the "Welsh Donatella Versace".  

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