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Believe the Hype: Tom Ford F14

The pressure to live up to expectations after abundant success must be difficult. The pressure to live up to expectations after Jay Z writes an entire chart-topping track praising your work, has to seem virtually impossible. Nobody wants to be a one-trick pony––especially in an industry like fashion. Yet, Texas-born designer, Tom Ford beat the odds at London Fashion Week, with the buzz around him louder than ever. 

The collection as a whole is, fittingly, so London. Absence of color, severe lines, and a visible homage to the rapid street-style culture were executed flawlessly. Minimalistic looks were seen all over the runways at NYFW, a trend Ford echoes by focusing primarily on silhouettes and shapes. His time at Gucci and YSL seems to have shaped his personal aesthetic, with a heavy reliance on luxury furs and menswear-inspired pieces, respectively. 

I am personally captivated by Ford's use of color and texture. The order of his collection was meticulously pulled off, as each look evolved into each other. While his pieces were basic, the very hint of a special textile––such as leather, fur, sequins, or velvet––maintained the audience's attention. 

Ford received a good amount of criticism for "knocking-off" Jay Z with the sequined jersey dress, almost identical to the tunic Hova sports in concert. While some, like me, thought it to be a cool gesture to the dynamic relationship between music and fashion, others found it to be  poor imitation. When confronted with this criticism, Tom Ford chuckled and replied with: "That sells for $65. My knockoff will sell for $6,500." (Style.com) His confidence says it all. 

See the full collection here

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