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Fashion Icon: Stevie Nicks

After Ticketmaster forced me to endure the most stressful fifteen minutes of my life, I made it through the madness and purchased a ticket to the much anticipated Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival (Thanks Mom!). The festival will be held in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, and is set to feature some of the biggest acts in music, including: Kanye West, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and, my personal favorite, The Killers. Needless to say, I am ridiculously excited.

Now that I have my ticket, I have to figure out what to wear. 
Although Outside Lands is five months from now, it never hurts to be prepared. If college has taught me anything thus far, it is that over preparation in the form of online shopping can be a (somewhat) productive means of procrastination. 

I have recently been drawn to the fashion of the 70s; patterned wide-leg pants, lacy bralettes, and embroidered kimonos. While many 70s women come to mind as fashion icons, none did it quite like Fleetwood Mac front-woman, Stevie Nicks. Both edgy and bohemian, Nicks' style was truly one of a kind. I can't think of anyone able to rock a black top hat and cascading halter dress while looking remarkably cool. A champion of both music and fashion, Stevie Nicks continues to inspire women to defy the ordinary. 

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